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I don’t usually do usually use my blog to promote stuff but this cause is really close to my heart.
My friend Christopher Moran, we like to call him Toph, was a very talented artist. My friends and I always told him his illustrations would make really cool graphics for t-shirts and he said he would like to do that someday. Unfortunately time came a bit short for Toph, so in his memory, we, Christopher Moran’s friends, would like to fulfill this task for him. We want to share his work with the world and allow people to be inspired by it just as he has always inspired us. 
We’re promoting his design on Threadless and if we get enough people to give his design a high rating Threadless will start making t-shirts with his design.
Any money we earn will go towards the Hamilton General Hospital and the Mark Preece Family House.
You’re love and help is much appreciated! Check out the design and score it hurrrr:
Thanks party people!
Untitled by Nich Hance McElroy on Flickr.

abbey road on Flickr.

Dancing at a London jazz club, 1950s.
These young jazz fans/”beatniks” in Britain became the precursor to Mods.
Untitled by Lara on Flickr.
Untitled by Berta Pfirsich on Flickr.
3.16.10 by ryanjmichael on Flickr.
Untitled by matteo77 on Flickr.
SIDNEY, Sylvia_Sin datos (1934) by Manuel Palomino Arjona on Flickr.